season 8 – NYGLO

Niglo is an independent publishing material, an international art review ‘‘Made in Sofia’’. These last months spent in Bulgaria were an opportunity to create a network between friends, lovers, artists. Sofia as the heart of this network and the meeting point between different regions of Europe and Middle East. This publication is a way to extend the experience by promoting cultural events, initiatives of local artistic institutions and released of new projects.

All these artists were invited to participate by sending any types of visual medias such as photography, illustrations, but also poetry, essays. Keeping the original language was on purpose to celebrate this diversity and not to betray the idea. I hope you will enjoy to discover these contents that reveals the excitments happening around, out of the common art spheres of the West. With the participation of Aimé Politanski, Gergő Bánkuti, Valko Chobanov, Haaland, Sabaa Harati, Angelina Smirnova, Arturo Cancio, Fabiola Mengue, Yasen Vasilev, Daniela Takeva, Fàskerti Izidor, Lise Hay.



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