season 13 – From US to You – Opening 10/03/2018


Opening Sat.10.March 2018 from 19h.

Olaf Breuning, Nissa Nishikawa, Yeka Haski, Brooke Stamp, Philipp Weber, Voin de Voin, 1000 Names

Initiated and organised by: Margarita Kudrina
Performance by : Georgi Tomov Georgiev on the opening night


(Bulgarian version below)



Æther is glad to bring to you a very special project, in which your senses will be stimulated in order to experience art in a new proposition.

From US to YOU was conceived as an ongoing digital journal and olfactive study by Folie À Plusieurs that archives the thoughts, reflections and madness of many individuals across a wide range of creative disciplines during the period of 2013, 2014 and 2015.

The Folie À Plusieurs website functioned as a digital journal and workshop providing an online gallery experience (visuals) that resulted in an offline olfactive experience (fragrance). For the digital journal, each month an artist was invited to submit personal images, writings, photos, music or videos that represent their feelings, ideas or thoughts that they experience over the course of a month. At the end of the month the contributing artists’ journal was read by a renowned perfumer and then translated into olfactory works.

This exhibition showcases 7 out of 24 artists that were chosen to participate in this program. Their practice focuses on performance (Voin de Voin, Nissa Nishikawa), illustration (Yeka Haski), design (Philipp Weber), photography, sculpture, video (Olaf Breuning), music (1000 Names) and dance (Brooke Stamp). Their contemporary practice was our point of interest that led the foundation of our collaboration and sparked curiosity to see beyond their artworks and dig deep into their private lives.

Like any art discipline, the creation of a scent is the result of hard work, experimentation and innovation. We selected independant perfumers such as Antoine Lie, Jean Jacques, Jerome Di Marino and Sylvie Fischer, who worked along with the artists and created the scents based on their submissions. The project presents perfume makers as artists, placing their olfactory works on the same level as creations of art, literature, music and dance and celebrates fragrance as a true artistic medium.

The aim of this interdisciplinary collaboration was to translate the visual into the medium of scent and extend the viewer‘s experience of the art practice and time that lies beneath it. It functions as a time machine that can bring the viewer closer to a period of time not only relevenat to the artists, but to the viewer himself. The scent has a particular sturcututre, designed to convey a certain feeling that reflects a certain moment in the life of an artist. It can be compared to a musical chord, whereby scents are composed of three harmonic “notes.” The “top note” is the first impression of the scent and is the most aggressive, the “middle note” is the body of the scent, and the “base note” lingers after the other notes dissipate, giving the fragrance a depth and solidity. It speaks in an unique way to every individual triggering memories that lie deep in the subconsciousness. Like any kind of artwork that resonates within someone‘s mind, body and spirit, the scent evolves over time, takes one on a journey of his own until it fades. Peeping through the hole, we look into a fraction of the life of an artist, but we must not only see it, we must smell it too.

With the same ambitions and functions of any international library, the Folie À Plusieurs Olfactive Library was a collection of thoughts, stories and ideas of historical and creative significance. By documenting and preserving the olfactive works of the contributing artists and perfumers our intention was to create a permanent archive of scents that reflect a period in an artist‘s life. The viewer is encouraged to go through the printed diaries presented alongside the scents. The submitted content and interviews with the artsists and perfumers are on display and are here to guide the viewer when revisiting a specific period of life by way of scent.



OLAF BREUNING (November 2013)

Commingling reality and illusion, authenticity and artifice, barbarism and civility, Olaf Breuning creates photographs, films, sculptures, and installations that draw heavily from popular culture and a collective visual iconography. He combines these contemporary aesthetics with more primal shared drives: violence, sexuality, ritual, and companionship. The divergent impulses collide, often with absurd and hilarious results, as Breuning exploits the thin line between humor and pain. Contextualizing the helplessness of today’s global citizen, Breuning examines a basic human quest for commonality in an increasingly global, but ever more fragmented, world. – Stacey Goergen


NISSA NISHIKAWA (December 2013)

Nissa Nishikawa is an artist who works with places of scientific, sacred and cultural interest. Through dance, sound and site-specific materials her audience is introduced to the histories and subtle subtexts that exist within these fragile ecologies. She burns palo santo for breakfast and wears ylang-ylang essential oil.


1000 Names (May 2014)

Margg started out as a drummer, Nikko as a painter, giving them a basis in both old school musicality and art history. Long before the current wave of Russian and eastern european beats and glitch producers, Bulgarian duo 1000names were in at the foundation of the sound, debuting with the now classic melon ball bounce alongside rustie on beatnick’s vol 1 in 2007.
Based in sofia, Bulgaria, their geographic isolation and relatively long musical development has helped Margg and Nikko develop a truly individualistic sound: quirky, bubbly, and human. They are identifiably part of the global beats scene without ever being generic.


YEKA HASKI (June 2014)

Yeka haski is an artist and designer currently living in saint-petersburg. The main themes in her works are characters, fun and the microcosm, and her style finds its place in various fields of art and design. Yeka takes part in group and personal exhibitions, she is the resident of berlin characters festival pictoplasma and comics festival boomfest. Yeka creates paintings, illustrations, comics, makes interior design and decoration, released a collection of clothing and collaborates with some other artists.


VOIN DE VOIN (July 2014)

Voin de voin’s extensive academical studies encompass visual art, dance, film and performance arts. Already a noted performance artist, voin appreciates performance art for its ability to freely flux and mix all other arts; its immediacy and riskiness; and the special way it interacts with the audience.


BROOKE STAMP (September 2014)

Drawing from hyperreal and imagined rhythms inherent to the movement of the universe, brookes’ dance and sonic installations link concepts of vibrational sound genesis, to spatiality and the body. A long-term collaborator and muse to phillip adams of melbourne based balletlab, brooke has presented and performed internationally over the past 15 years, throughout the world from the deserts of mongolia to new york city.


PHILIPP WEBER (October 214)

Philipp weber was born 1987 in germany. He has always had a healthy thirst for knowledge and experience. His curiosity in cultural back xxxxxx grounds of other countries and their people has lead him to visit countries like kazakhstan, poland, india and taiwan, where language, music and craft has ever fascinated him. From 2008 till 2012 he studied at the renowned ‘design academy eindhoven’ where he learned to express his ideas in creative work and where he became interested in ‘process design’.




As a child he was sensitive to the power of fragrance and capable of refusing to eat something if he didn’t like the smell. At around 15, he read about the profession of a perfumer and decided to orient his education in this direction. In 1986, he sat the entry exam to ISIPCA but an icecold jury failed him. Not giving up, he started a chemistry degree. And then, by chance, through a friend, he discovered Roure, and in 1988 was admitted to the Roure perfumery school, where he studied the Jean Carles method. In 1991 Antoine became Jean Guichard’s assistant. Two years later, Jean Amic sent him to the US where the market was evolving. There, he learnt a highly effective method of formulation. When he returned to France, he spent two years with IFF, before joining Givaudan in 2003. However, creating “tested” perfumes didn’t fulfill him. He dreamt of being creative, and his love of quality made him want to write a new page in his life. Antoine joined the Paris perfumery team of Takasago at the end of 2011.



Music and perfume have a common vocabulary made up of composition and notes. Jean Jacques offers the perfect illustration of the common denominator between the two arts. At 16, he played the piano and loved jazz. At 20, one of his friends mentioned ISIPCA to him. It was to be a revelation that cast a
veil of uncertainty over his firm intention to be a musician. He fell for the charms of perfume, in what was to be a key moment in his studies and artistic aspirations. In 1993, he joined Quest International at first to work with Pierre Bourdon then Maurice Roucel. In 1994 he was recruited by Kao Corporation, and three years later in 1997 moved to Takasago. He absolutely loves being creative, playing with raw materials as if he were playing with Lego’s.



Having lived more than 10 years in Nice, cradle of the perfumery, he naturally sets himself up to be a perfumer, after a bachelor in chemistry and the integration of ISIPCA school. In 2008, he joins Givaudan as a perfumer trainee alongside Nathalie Cetto. In 2011, he joins Givenchy’s olfactive cell with Françoise Donche. Jérôme Di Marino arrives in Takasago in 2012, where he’s trained by Francis Kurkdjian to the profession of perfumer. Getting fed and inspired by other universes appears essential to him since perfumery, as any other form of art, is nothing else but sensitive reflection of society.



Sylvie Fischer is unique in the profession as she is both a female perfumer and the daughter of a female perfumer. Consequently, she grew up in a world of fragrance. Quite naturally at the age of 20, she became an apprentice perfumer which was the best way to enter the profession at the time. She started with an internship at Robertet and shortly thereafter joined Takasago, where she learned the Roureschool’s Jean Carles method and the thousand and one aspects of perfumery from Pierre Bourdon and Michel Almairac. This powerful driving force completed her vision of the profession as an art, and on an everyday basis, a job requiring a passionate investment and modesty. It is precisely in this mindset that she has been working for Takasago ever since.



from Us to you (oт Нас за вас)

from Us to you е замислено като дигитално списание и изследване на Folie À Plusieurs, което архивира мислите, размишленията и лудостта на много хора занимаващи се с различни творчески дейности през периода 2013, 2014 и 2015г.

Тази изложба показва 7 от 24-те творци избрани да участват в програмата. Тяхната практика се фокусира върху пърформанс (Voin de Voin, Nissa Nishikawa), илюстрация (Yeka Haski), дизайн (Philipp Weber), фотография, склуптура, видео (Olaf Breuning), музика (1000 Names) и танц (Brooke Stamp). Настоящата им работа представляваше интерес за нас и постави основите на нашето сътрудничество и събуди любопитството ни да надникнем зад творбите им по-надълбоко в личния им живот. В рамките на един месец те ни предоставиха лични образи, писания, снимки или видеа, които представят чувствата, идеите, мислите преживени в рамките на един месец. Те бяха качени на уебсайта на Folie À Plusieurs и предствляваха онлайн журнал на техния живот в рамките на един месец. В края на месеца журналът съставен от твореца беше прочитат от известен парфюмерист и превръщан в олфактивна композиция/творба.

Като всяка творческа дейност, създаването на аромат е резултат на усилена работа, експериментиране и новаторство. Избрахме независими парфумеристи като Antoine Lie, Jean Jacques, Jerome Di Marino и Sylvie Fischer, които работиха заедно с творците и създадоха аромати базирани на това, което беше публикувано. Проектът представя създателите на парфюми като творци и поставя творбите им на същото ниво като произведенията на изкуството, литературата, музиката и танца и възхвалява аромата като истинско творческо средство.

Целта на това интердисциплинарно сътрудничество беше да предаде визуалното чрез аромата и да даде възможност на зрителя да научи повече за работата на артиста и времето което тя му отнема. Той действа като машина на времето, която може да приближи зрителя до период от време важен не само за твореца, но и за зрителя. Ароматът има специфична структура предназначена да предаде някакво чувство, което отразява даден момент от живота на твореца. Той може да се сравни с музикален акорд така както ароматите са съставени от три хармонични “ноти.” “Горната нотка” е първото впечатление от аромата и е най-агресивното,“средната нотка” е тялото на аромата, и “основната нотка” остава да се носи във въздуха когато другите нотки се разпръснат. Това и дава на аромата дълбочина и здравина. Всеки аромат говори по уникален начин на всеки човек като събужда спомени лежащи дълбоко в подсъзнанието. Както всеки вид творчество резонира с нечий ум, тяло и дух така и ароматът се развива във времето, извървява свой път докато не изчезне. Надничайки през ключалката виждаме част от живота на твореца, но трябва не само да го видим, трябва и да го помиришем.

С амбициите и функциите на една международна библиотека, Folie À Plusieurs Olfactive Library беше сбор от мисли, истории и идеи от историческо и творческо значение. Чрез документирането и съхраняването на тези аромати нашето намерение беше да създадем постоянен архив на аромати, които отразяват един период от живота на един творец. Зрителят се насърчава да разгледа писмените дневници представени до ароматите. Съдържанието и интервютата с творците и парфюмеристите ще са изложени за да водят зрителя когато се връща към специфичен период от живота чрез аромата.

Вкусът и любовта не са слуги на волята. Любовта е и трябва да бъде свободна. Тя избликва от сърцето както възниква един парфюм от една визия.

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