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Opening 17/02/18 18:30h.   ‘The compulsive need to reach a state free from suffering has been the ancient-ongoing quest of humans towards liberation. Today it translates itself into — on one hand, a struggle with optimization, and on the other the philosophy of acceptance and system adaptation. Through different believe systems, either technical or abstract, […]

season 8 – NYGLO

Niglo is an independent publishing material, an international art review ‘‘Made in Sofia’’. These last months spent in Bulgaria were an opportunity to create a network between friends, lovers, artists. Sofia as the heart of this network and the meeting point between different regions of Europe and Middle East. This publication is a way to […]

season 7 – INCUBUS

Incubus There is no word in Latin that recreates the meaning of a “nightmare,” but there is the term “incubus” that we can literally translate as “going to bed”. “Incub” was the word most commonly used in the church language. It means a demon who sexually abused women while they were asleep. From the church […]


For the Æther’s Love experiment series Love Crafting, we have invited Stephanie Ballantine & Zack Helwa to create the new proposition. The title of the show is: “Love is the extremely difficult realization that something other than oneself is real”, a quote by Iris Murdoch, The Sublime and the Good , Chicago Review, 13:3 (1959:Autumn) […]


Ghosts in the Rain urgently explores the haunting presence of pollution in people’s lives and environments. Through a series of drawings that capture poignant moments and events, Nicholas MacArthur creates a unique pictorial narrative. This exhibition led the artist to immerse himself within squalid territories of refuse, navigating radioactive death zones, sewage pipes and urban […]

season 4 – APPETITE

Appetite c. 1300, “craving for food,” from Anglo-French appetit, Old French apetit “appetite, desire, eagerness”, from Latin appetitus “appetite, longing,” literally “desire toward,” from appetere “to long for, desire; strive for, grasp at,” from ad “to” + petere “go to, seek out,” from PIE root ^pet- “to rush, fly” (see petition). “In his new project […]


    Æther invites you to come discover the different views from the selected artists from around the globe, marking out a perplexed map that envisions the geo political movements and standpoints as well giving a feel about the mental effects and defects formed and lived by different societies and conditions. For many of us, the year […]


For their exhibition in Aether, Sarah Ancelle Schönfeld and Adrien Missika connect to the spirits of a long extinct species by an embodiment seance. Their aim is to have a clearer vision of the future by gathering lost knowledge from the past. They merge scientific and spiritual approaches like paleontology and seance for their purpose, […]

season 1 – SPIRITUS

For the the virgin show, the Berlin based collective Honey-Suckle Company (HSC) will make the trip to set up the standard with their presentation of their book SPIRITUS that came out earlier this summer, enveloping an immense artventure of the collectives achievements spanning 20 years. For Æther HSC will present “The singing column”, which will […]