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season 13 – From US to You – Opening 10/03/2018

10.03.18-27.03.18 Opening Sat.10.March 2018 from 19h. Olaf Breuning, Nissa Nishikawa, Yeka Haski, Brooke Stamp, Philipp Weber, Voin de Voin, 1000 Names Initiated and organised by: Margarita Kudrina Performance by : Georgi Tomov Georgiev on the opening night   (Bulgarian version below)   Æther is glad to bring to you a very special project, in which […]


Opening 17/02/18 18:30h.   ‘The compulsive need to reach a state free from suffering has been the ancient-ongoing quest of humans towards liberation. Today it translates itself into — on one hand, a struggle with optimization, and on the other the philosophy of acceptance and system adaptation. Through different believe systems, either technical or abstract, […]

The Sexorcist / Voin de Voin

On the occasion of Sofia Pride Art Week, Æther project space will host a performance ritual by Voin de Voin with participation of Berlin based artists Thomas Noesler and photgraphic contribution by Alfredo Piola. On display will be shown the last 2 issues by DIK Fagazine, by Karol Radziszewski- Founder/Curator at Queer Archives Institute. Performed […]


OCTOPUSSY lives in an ocean that is deep. She has 8 arms and a beak. She tastes what she touches. Sharing interest is powerful. Ayla Pierrot Arendt takes music or sounds, waste or experiences from each place she visits to bring fragments of it to the next place where she creates a situation for locals […]

“EXPIRED” by Kierean Cole

“EXPIRED” by Kierean Cole as part of the days of the independent European documenty cinema Представяме втория норвежки филм в програмата на КинеДок – „Негодно за консумация“, на 18 май от 20:00   Синопсис: В заможна Норвегия, изхвърлянето на храна е огромен проблем без видимо решение. Група от четирима младежи планират 5-седмичен велосипеден тур от […]

Æther present Honey-Suckle company hosted in artnewscafe.

The practice of Honey-Suckle Company through the years has been closely connected and interdependent on the musical side of their art. Creating installations with self made instruments, video clips for musicians, experimental concerts, films…On Tuesday 25th.Oct. from 19h. you will be able to see a reel of 1 hours compilation of their video and audio […]

Sofia Queer Forum 2017: HOT WAR

Sofia Queer Forum 2016 takes place in 2017! And it’s only one night only! SQF will be hosted generously by our friends from Aether – Sofia’s cutting edge space for contemporary visual arts and all sorts of art troubles. For this event we will gather American and Russian authors telling stories of sexual and gender […]

moon walk with grandpa

Moonwalk with Grandpa-projection of film by David Alræk As part of the Independent European documents festival КинеДок гостува в алтернативното пространство за култура със страхотна атмосфера Æther на ул. „Княз Борис I” 39 в София. През май там ще видим норвежките филми в програмата. Започваме на 11-ти в 20:00 часа с „Лунна разходка с дядо […]

Queerlition / screening night

In times of rising tensions, political sharades and our daily participation of witnessing a war via the tv.screen, created for us to put us against each other, kill every sense of humanity left inside and promote hate as ultimate product of Capitalism.The level of humiliation and intolerance reaches levels of extreme discontent, creating monsters for […]

The future was here – Nadia Kojamanova and Veselina Dashnova

In the context of the exhibition The future was here, we will have the pleasure to talk and go deeper into the social experiment with children initiated by Nadia Kojamanova and Veselina Dashnova. Join us on thursday 16.02.2017 from 18:30h. ПОКАЖИ МИ ТВОЯ ОСТРОВ В българските училища се говори много малко за политика. Малцина са […]

Opening Season 1

SEASON I =========== Tata Christiane Fingah Atelier Nålebinding Studio Krjst Yes master Folie à plusieurs 1000 names Voin de Voin La Chatte Yula Kasp Peine Perdue Mobilee Joy Wellboy Odile Schroeder Jimmy Roberts The Last Books Ce Soir Snejanka Mihaylova Uta Eisenreich Hip Hip Library Vittore Collina Joy Adegoke Nina Glockner Man Recordings =========== Æther […]

Voice in the Age of Non-Representation

Voice in the Age of Non-Representation lecture by Andrew F-Smith After his first lecture on Lacan’s theory of the Four Disourses , presented last september at The Sofia City Gallery, Andrew Fremont-Smith returns to our town to address a new constellation of thoughts, exploring the relationship between social discourse and the bodily relation of voice. […]